Elevate Your Med Spa in 2024: Four Key Strategies from the Latest Industry Benchmarks 

Medical Aesthetics Professionals
Medical Aesthetics Professionals

As a med spa owner, staying ahead of the latest industry trends is crucial to the success of your business. Equally important is implementing proven key growth strategies that can enhance the profitability of your med spa, keeping it competitive and thriving.

Recently, RepeatMD released its 2024 State of the Aesthetics & Wellness Industry report, providing valuable insights into what is working for others across the aesthetics industry. This informative report, which surveyed over 250 medical aesthetic professionals, reveals key areas of opportunity and improvement that med spa businesses can focus on to drive revenue, enhance client satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth. This post dives into RepeatMD’s report, highlighting its four powerful growth strategies that can help transform your med spa business in 2024 and beyond.

Growth Strategy 1: Memberships

One of the most effective ways for med spas to generate reliable income is with a membership program. The industry report reveals that 28% of surveyed practices offered tier-based memberships, providing them with consistent revenue.

Besides providing your med spa business with a predictable monthly revenue stream, it also works to incentivize patient loyalty and repeat visits. Tailoring your program with appealing rewards like exclusive discounts, complimentary treatments, and members-only access fosters a sense of value and connection with your patients.

Ultimately, building your membership program will depend on the type of services you offer and the goals of your program, among other factors. However, regardless of the type of membership you choose, it needs to be attractive to your clients, making it an easy decision for them to sign up.

Growth Strategy 2: Patient Retention

While acquiring new patients is important for your med spa business, the industry report underscores that retaining your existing patients is even more essential for increasing profitability. It points to a study by the Harvard Business Review, which states that “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one”. Therefore, instead of investing excessively in marketing to continuously replace patients, it makes more sense to prioritize efforts that cultivate loyalty from your already satisfied customer base. Implementing rewards programs, exclusive discounts, and memberships (mentioned above) are excellent ways to incentivize repeat visits, providing added value and fostering long-term relationships with your existing patients.

“To generate the most efficient revenue for your practice, retaining your current clients is easier and cheaper than trying to acquire new ones.”

According to Terri Ross, president of the Aesthetics Division, APX Platform, and speaker at the upcoming Medical Aesthetics Professionals (MAP) Meeting, there are three key elements to maximizing patient retention. These are engaging staff members who will make a connection with your patients and be proactive in their interactions; consistent marketing efforts that will make your patients feel like they are returning to a familiar place when they visit your office or website; and personalized follow-ups to ensure each patient feels important.

Ultimately, it is essential to deliver a consistently excellent end-to-end patient experience—from the booking process to clinical results and follow-up care. Nurturing these long-term relationships with your patients has a compounding effect, resulting in loyal patients who become potential brand advocates, significantly benefiting your med spa.

Growth Strategy 3: E-Commerce Solutions

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is essential for driving sales and meeting your customers’ expectations. The report reveals that 60% of med spas surveyed are already selling their services and products online, meaning they have a sales channel that operates 24/7. This means clients can reach them and their products and services at any time that is convenient for them, even when their med spa is closed. Having an e-commerce platform gives your patients the freedom “to research, discover new treatments, and even make a purchase at a time that works for them.” With the inevitable continued growth of technology, having an online presence is a must.

Growth Strategy 4: Patient Financing

One way to maximize revenue potential is to provide patients with flexible payment options through financing. The industry report reveals that, “Our data supported the idea that financing is a great way to expand your offering to clients who are interested but cannot afford to pay upfront.”

In looking specifically at the plastic surgery category, the report shows that those respondents had the highest percentage of patients who chose financing because this practice type is known to offer more expensive services. They go on to note that med spas are heading in a similar direction, with data showing that med spas “generating more than $2m+ in annual revenue have a higher percentage of patients using financing.”

By removing the barrier of high upfront costs, you empower your patients to afford higher-priced services and invest in their desired outcomes. These flexible payment plans make expensive packages more attainable, encouraging more patients to opt for premium treatments.

Be sure to promote your financing options through your marketing channels to drive awareness and engagement.

Putting These Growth Strategies Into Action

RepeatMD’s industry report provides clear growth strategies to implement in order to elevate your med spa business. However, effectively executing these strategies requires expertise and careful planning to ensure success.

That’s why attending the upcoming MAP Meeting this November 13-16 in Scottsdale, Arizona is essential. This premier event not only offers the latest education and advancements in aesthetic medicine but also explores the newest tactics for capitalizing on the opportunities highlighted in this report.

Renowned industry experts like Terri Ross will be there to present several sessions, including how to start your med spa and stand out in a competitive market. Sessions will also cover growing your business on social media using various marketing strategies and nurturing client loyalty through exceptional service. Additionally, learn how to empower your team to create loyal, caring staff that will help elevate your business and go the extra mile to satisfy your patients.

In addition to these informative sessions and presentations, the MAP Meeting also provides you with invaluable networking opportunities. You will have a unique chance to connect with other med spa owners, medical aesthetics experts, renowned speakers and faculty, and industry exhibitors showing their latest devices and products.

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to take your med spa to the next level, there is something to be gained at the 2024 MAP Meeting. Click the links to view our full agenda and list of faculty. We look forward to welcoming you in November.


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Medical Aesthetics Professionals
Medical Aesthetics Professionals
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