Brittany Wilson, NP

Board Certified Registered Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Brittany is a distinguished Board Certified Registered Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse First Assistant, with an impressive career rooted in the pursuit of excellence. Her injector journey began while she was getting her Master’s degree in the Bay Area, California, where she honed her skills alongside world-renowned plastic surgeons and non-surgical aesthetic physicians.
With over a decade of hands-on experience, Brittany’s background extends into the operating rooms of esteemed institutions like Stanford and Johns Hopkins. These formative experiences instilled in her the unwavering values of consistency, precision, and achieving perfection in every aspect of her work.
Driven by a passion for enhancing lives, Brittany embarked on a new chapter as the founder of RAE Aesthetic and RAE Injector Training in Columbia, Maryland. Her mission goes beyond mere aesthetic transformations; it’s about redefining the way her patients feel about themselves. Brittany’s commitment to education shines through, as she’s equally passionate about teaching and sharing her expertise.
In the aesthetic medical field, Brittany is recognized as a KOL and a distinguished trainer for top medical injectable companies. Her influence is not only felt in her own practice but resonates throughout the industry.
Outside the realm of aesthetics, Brittany cherishes precious moments with her two children and loving husband, embracing life to the fullest. Her dedication to both her family and her profession paints a holistic picture of a remarkable individual who continually strives for excellence.

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